100% Natural

Hair Care was meticulously formulated to target weak, unhealthy hair and transform its production into fuller and thicker locks. Our ingredients target the many issues that can arise during all steps of hair formation.

It stands apart from other hair supplements because its all natural ingredients can be taken by patients suffering hair loss due to a sickness. Our wholesome ingredients are safe for patients who have suffered from thyroid deficiencies, diabetes, hair loss due to malnutrition, and the effects of cancer. Individuals who are both overweight and underweight can benefit from Hair Care, as well as new mothers suffering from pregnancy hair loss. Even if none of these issues applyHair Care is still beneficial for over treated and damaged hair.

What's in Hair Care?

Natural from A to Zinc

Zinc plays a vital role in DNA production, which is strictly tied to cellular reproduction around the hair follicles that in turn initiates the cycle of new hair shafts.

Acid thats good for you

Our most prominent ingredient is Pantothenic Acid which studies have found increases diameter of hair fibers, increases the amount breakage stress hair can withstand, and hair suppleness.

Copper to the core

Copper is included because it is a vital mineral in a healthy thyroid. A healthy thyroid produces the hormones required for plentiful and voluminous hair. Copper also increases circulation around the hair follicle, which creates a nutrient rich scalp, in turn providing all necessary minerals for hair growth.

Magnificent Magnesium

Magnesium fights over production of sweat and as a result cleans away bacteria to allowing for a clean healthy surface for hair to grow on.

Simply Selenium

Selenium promotes hair growth by killing toxic free radicals which stunt cell division. It is no surprise selenium is the first ingredient in antidandruff shampoos as it is also very effective in decreasing the production of dandruff that forms a layer of debris over hair follicles preventing new hairs from growing.